Logistic efficiency proven

Interfreight keeps the leadership in the Ranking of Logistic Efficiency of RIOgaleão Position, where its customers head the top five positions in time of cargo clearance in the airport in Rio de Janeiro.

The RIOgaleão Cargo ranking aims at presenting the companies which had the best performance in their operating area, with the lesser time of customs clearance in the airport cargo terminal.

Thus, the logistic chain which serves the industries using the airport cargo terminal, such as Interfreight, is measured by its agility and accuracy of documents required for clearance and release of cargos.

The Interfreight’s customers benefit from the readiness and promptness of the imported inputs and products in the airport, Interfreight also gains by recognition and efficiency in the rendering of its services to its customers.

Font: Performance of Interfreight – Ranking in RIOgaleão Cargo


Since 1997, Interfreight participates has taken part of the Intermodal South America fair in São Paulo /SP, the greater fair of Foreign Trade, Logistics and Transport of Latin America.

Always presenting bespoke solutions for each customer needs and prospects. Being innovator, at every fair edition, Interfreight aims to follow the new trends of market and to make successful partnerships, taking new technologies and differentiated services to the company’s daily activities.

Its stands are unique and creative, where the visitors can know the main news of the company and do new businesses in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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Being organized in 1992, in Singapore, World Freight Group – WFG is one of the most important global groups and it is making partnerships among the best world-wide companies of intermodal transport. Today, the Group with headquarters in the United Kingdom has a strict process of adhesion of new members which assures to the customers of the associates the required qualifications and abilities for the best and customized rendering of multimodal services, beyond making partnerships around the world between successful companies for joint works.

By joining WFG, Interfreight has more than 500 partner members, among them, the main ports and airports in all continents, which jointly enable Interfreight to offer global, efficient and bespoke solutions for its customers.